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Title & Escrow Services at Lake of the Ozarks


A “Title Search” will turn up any problems with the title that have been recorded with the Recorder of Deeds’ office, but it doesn’t always cover all defects in the title. In order to protect yourself, Owners Title Insurance policy can and should be purchased.


An Owner's Title Insurance policy will cover the policyholder from any losses they may incur from defects in the title. Our title company will review the public records, look for problems, and then if the title is insurable, we will issue the policy. This policy will protect you from defects as well as pay for the defense of any law suit arising from an insurable defect. It is a retroactive policy and will protect you against any defects arising prior to your purchase date.

How much coverage do you need?
What defects are covered?

There are standard coverage policies, there are extended coverage policies. There are owner’s policies and lenders policies. To answer your questions about your needs, it is best to speak with a title professional.

Call First Title today and let us put our industry knowledge and caring staff to work for you.

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Recording Fees & Document Requirements

Recording Fees

Standard Document Fee  (First Page)  :  $ 24.00
Each Additional Page : $3.00

Non-Standard Document  :  25.00 (in addition to standard Fee)

UCC – 2 Financing Statement  (First Page) :  $ 24.00
Each Additional Page : $3.00

Information Requests (per Debtor Name) : $ 14.00

Copy Requests (per Debtor Name) : $14.00


First Page (18X24)  : $ 44.00
Each Additional Page : $25.00

First Page (24X36) : $69.00
Each Additional Page : $50.00


First Page (18X24) : $24.00
Each Additional Page : $5.00

First Page (24X36) : $29.00
Each Additional Page : $5.00

Six Exceptions to Document Requirements

1.  Document signed prior to January 1, 2002.

2.  Military separation papers.

3.  Documents executed outside the US.

4.  Certified copies, ie. birth or death certificates

5.  Judgments or other documents formatted to meet court requirements.

6.  Any document where one of the original parties is deceased or incapacitated.


Standard Document Requirements for Recording 

Paper requirements: 

Size:               8 ½” X 11”
Color:             White with no watermarks
Weight:           At least 201 b.

Print requirements:  

  • One side only
  • Eight-point or larger in size
  • Black or dark ink

Document requirements:

  • Margins:  
    3” top margin for first page
    1” top margin all other pages
    ¾” side and bottom margins
  • Attachments cannot be glued or stapled onto a document except as to comply with statutory requirements (pasting descriptions onto documents).
  • 1st Page must contain or reference the following:
    Title of document
    Date of document
    All Grantor’s names
    All Grantee’s names
    Any statutory Addresses
    Legal Description of the property
    Reference Book and Page
  • Signature requires corresponding name typed.
  • Stamps or seals cannot obscure the document.
  • No material interference (covering up) the document.

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Cliffside Centre - Suite 404
2140 Bagnell Dam Blvd.
Lake Ozark, MO. 65049


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